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Here's our proprietary four step process:



    Our first goal is to help you to REACH new people.


    How? Your custom website will display that your church is committed to delivering real solutions from God's Word by providing free resources (emails, digital books, audio programs, videos, etc) which your site's visitors will receive instant access to by providing their name and contact information when simply completing a webform on your church's website.


    These free resources will invite and incentivize them to attend one of your church services.

Free ​Gifts For Your Website's Visitors!

Every Church Website Includes Something Of Value That You Can Offer In Exchange For Contact Info From Your Website's Visitors.

Let's face it. If you're not capturing people's information when they visit your website, they may click away, never to return again, and you have no way to send follow up communications.


Which is why, every church website we design always includes an offer for the website visitor to request a digital gift from your church.


Some client's choose to offer a "Church Info Pack" which contains important information about your church that your website's visitors would be interested in.


Some of our client's select from any number of our pre-written "free reports" which are professionally written, designed, and customized to include your church's information.


These digital gifts are automatically delivered to your website's visitors when they complete a simple form on your website.


So, you'll have their contact information and the ability to follow up with them as often as you wish, and they'll have a great resource from your church that will be a blessing to them.



    Once they've attended, the second goal becomes giving them compelling reasons to RETURN.


    How? A series of emails and other content of your choice are delivered over the course of 12 weeks to magnetically attract them to get connected and become assimilated into the life of your church.

Automated Follow-Up 

You're only human.

But your website is a machine.

Machines never get too busy and forget to reach out to your members.


Let's be clear. Automation is not a solve-all.


Nothing takes the place of human touch-points.


However, here is where automation works VERY well.


It takes important messages (which outline the benefits of becoming a part of your church) and routinely, predictably, and consistently delivers those strategic communications to the people who are already thinking about whether to return.


These messages give your prospective church members reasons to stay engaged and show up to church again and again.


Your new Access Right Now website includes a 12-week series of professionally written emails which are each customized to convey your church's own unique personality and branding preferences.


This series of emails are then automatically delivered to your prospective church members on a scheduled basis over the course of 12 weeks. (Try getting your human volunteers to remember to do THAT!) lol

Here's An Example:

  • 12



    Thanks for attending!

  • 14



    We're praying for you today.

  • 17



    Hope your week has been awesome!

  • 18



    We're excited to welcome you back to church tomorrow!



    There's nothing more frustrating than having a revolving door where first-time guests return for just a few weeks, then disappear completely.


    So, our third goal is to RETAIN those you've REACHED, and those who have RETURNED so they"ll begin calling your church THEIR church.


    How? We'll leverage an active and resource-rich membership site to increase retention of those who might have otherwise slipped through the cracks.

Retain members with a resource-rich membership area.

Providing your new members with an engaging members-area on your website is a powerful tool of assimilation.


Special trainings, leadership seminars, volunteer guides, sermon material, and well, just about anything you want can be accessed by your members through a password-protected area on your website.


Having a membership site opens up endless possibilities for delivering digital content that you don't want made publicly available.



    One of our most important goals is to begin eliminating the expense of your church's website altogether!


    How? By paying you a 20% LIFETIME affiliate commission for everyone you refer.


    That's right. If you recommend us to someone (or if someone finds us after visiting your website) we'll keep track of that and if they begin using our service, we'll pay you 20% of their subscription payment every single month. Forever.


    You can refer as many people as you want and we'll continue paying you an affiliate commission for each referral. So, it won't be long before we're paying you more than you're paying us. (and that's the way we want it).


    Additionally, we'll help you to design and create products that we'll make available on your site for your audience to purchase (complete with gorgeous graphic design, professionally written sales copy, and a smooth shopping cart experience).


    We hope to become a source of recurring monthly revenue for you and/or your church. (In other words, we know that the more income/revenue/resources we can get into your hands, the faster your church and the kingdom of God will grow.)

Digital Product Publishing

Pastors are continually creating amazing content. Life-changing, eternity-altering content.


Yet, most pastors don't have the time, resources, or staffing needed to take the incredible content they painstakingly prepared to preach and then turn it into a digital product that can be made available for sale (thereby generating much-needed resources for additional ministry endeavors).


That's where we come in to quite l-i-t-e-r-a-l-l-y save the day. We take the content (that you've worked so hard to create) and we'll make it available on your site for your audience to purchase (complete with gorgeous graphic design, professionally written sales copy, and a smooth rock-solid shopping cart experience).


We hope that our product publishing feature becomes a source of recurring monthly revenue for you and/or your church.

What's Included In My Subscription?


Multi-Page, Lead Capturing, Customized Church Website

Your website won't just sit there doing nothing, it will invite visitors to provide their information so that your ministry can develop a relationship with them prior to them attending your service. (Which puts them at ease when they first attend, and helps them to enjoy their experience.)

Church Info Pack

Your website will invite its visitors to enter their information requesting a Church Info Pack so they can discover more about your church. These are the people who are actively pursuing a connection with your church and will likely become your newest members.

A 12-Week Automated Email Follow-Up Campaign

People are busy and get distracted easily these days EVEN from the things they consider important. When someone requests a Church Info Pack on your website, they'll be automatically entered into a 12-week series of emails (approved by you) which continues to develop their interest in your church and ensures they'll remember to attend.

Membership Site

Want to provide your audience or your church members with a password protected membership site where they can view content that you've created just for them? This is now as simple as saying, "yes, I'd like one" because we'll handle all of the heavy-lifting to get it set up, and ensure that your audience gets the access they deserve.

3 Single Product Sites

Ready to create some additional income for yourself or for your ministry? We'll guide you through creating a digital product (book, audio, video, etc.) and then we'll handle placing it online, complete with graphics, sales copy, a shopping cart to process the order and an email confirmation sent to you each time another sale is made.

CRC Formula Webform

Your website will magnetically attract and incentivize its visitors to provide their contact information through the use of our proprietary CRC Formula webforms. Capturing the contact info from your website's visitors is a critical component of increasing the number of guests that attend your church.

Eliminate The Expense Of Your Website COMPLETELY!

You'll Enjoy 20% LIFETIME Affiliate Commissions On Everyone You Refer

When you refer someone (perhaps a business owner in your church who needs a better website, or a friend who pastors another church), we're going to pay you 20% of their subscription payment for as long as they use our service. No expiration. Forever. So, the question isn't SHOULD you refer, it's HOW MANY can you refer?

100% Customized Church Websites

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$1,497 set-up fee currently waived during our COVID-19 Relief campaign. Expires: November 1, 2021.

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Enjoy 20% LIFETIME Affiliate Commissions On Referrals



CUSTOM Built Website


30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Before getting started, we invite every new potential client to schedule a brief 30-minute 'Discovery Call' with our founder, Pastor Darius Arnold. This call is specifically designed with you in mind. You'll have the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have about getting started and since we'll be working with you, Pastor Arnold wants to meet you. Simply complete this form and our Member Services Director will contact you right away to schedule a time that works best for you to speak with Pastor Arnold.

(Agreeing to a Discovery Call in NO WAY obligates you to enroll.)

How to get started:

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Our Story

Access Right Now, Inc is Based in Beautiful Tampa, FL

As a pastor, our founder Darius Arnold understands the need for churches to have an engaging and effective website that does much more than just 'look nice'.


Armed with an extensive marketing background, Pastor Arnold was in search of a website that would REACH prospective church attenders, automatically follow up with first-time guests encouraging and incentivizing them to RETURN, and deliver ongoing value in order to RETAIN them once they attend.


However, the expense of hiring a marketing firm to build a customized website that would include this advanced level functionality was incredibly cost-prohibitive, so he decided to build it himself.


Now, compelled by a commitment to provide church websites that work™ at an unprecedented low monthly subscription with unlimited updates, and no commitment, Access Right Now is quickly becoming one of the most popular choices for churches who want a website that is beautiful, customized, functional, and super budget-friendly (with the additional option of receiving 20% lifetime affiliate commissions for referrals which can virtually eliminate all subscription fees completely)!


If you're looking for a fully customized website that looks (and behaves) like it belongs in the year 2021 instead of 2004, we invite you to consider becoming a part of our client community by reserving your Discovery Call today!